I am so happy you have joined us here. I hope you gets lots of encouragement and ideas for your job as Manager of your Castle, Maker of your Home.

Home Making is made up of many different areas.

I try to touch on as many as I can.

Everyone has their specialities, their strengths. You have areas you excel. I have my own. Together we can help each other homeschool and keep our homes well-functioning places of peace, joy, beauty, and contentment.

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Resources to Help You Make Your Home

Have you ever wondered what the Bible really says about womanhood? What does God really want from us? What will make Him happy?
In "Rubies, Silk, and Chocolate Covered Peanuts" I look at two scriptures- Proverbs 31:10-31 and Titus 2-  that are very important to women; two scriptures that tell us a lot about what God values.

Available in eBook (ePub) for $4.95 

and Print for $12.95

Why should I homeschool? What about a diploma, college, and socialization? Where would I get my curriculum? What do I aim for and how do I do this?

Homeschool: Why, What, How answers all these questions and more!
Available in PDF for $2.99 or Print for $12.95

Thy Word Have I Hidden in My Heart

It is important for us to have God's word in our hearts so we can recall His Words to us when we need them. This book will help you do just that! With at least one verse from each book of the Bible, this can be a complete resource for your homeschool, or even for your own journey with God.
Available in ePub for $2.95 and Print for $12.95