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What are you cooking for supper tonight?

Does everyone in your house have clean underwear for tomorrow?

Is your home your castle? ...or your prison?

Are you going to change your name from "Mom" to "Gertrude" so people will quit asking you things?

Are you wondering how to teach fractions when you never learned them yourself?

I have SO been-there-done-that!


I am Mrs. Betty Tracy, and I've been married to Hubby Andy for 33 years. We were high school sweethearts:-)

We have 9 children together;
Joy 27
James 24
Jon 21
Joseph 19
Jessie 17
Jennifer 15
Jacklynn 14
Jane 11
Joshua 7

All of our children have been homeschooled from birth, and I so remember the days of having all little kids, or some littles and some middles; days of calling the laundry room "Mount Washmore," or having no idea what to cook for supper when Hubby would be home any minute. And walk through the living room? Not possible.

Those are hard years, to be sure.

I've come out on the other side now, with no toddlers in the house anymore. Though all our children still live at home, most could run the home as well as I can, and some can do it better.

I believe HomeMaking to be the most important job on planet earth. A home is the place for the family to recharge, to prepare to meet the world. It's the place for children to grow up and learn to be warriors for God, and husbands and wives to cement the bond that makes them one.

A home should be a little pre-taste of Heaven.

Did you know "HomeMaker" is just a general title? It actually involves many different areas of life that all need to be mastered (preferably yesterday!):

Cleaning House
Lots of Logistics
Interior Decorating
Gardening (for some. This is optional in our day and age)
Sewing (for some. This is optional in our day and age)
Child Development
Early Childhood Education
Later Childhood Education
Even Music.

Now, I can tell you, I have not yet mastered all of this. I am still learning... a Lot. I'm better, my house is better, my meals are better, the laundry is better than it used to be. I still have a long way to go, but I can see the difference!

My goal here is not to tell you how to do it, how to be a Master HomeMaker, but to give you ideas and encouragement along the way; to share what has helped me and maybe get some ideas from you, too, to help me continue along my path.

So, please enjoy reading, and please share any ideas you have; things that have worked for you and you think might work for others.

We are not competing with each other, and shouldn't compare ourselves to each other. We are travelers on the same road headed for the same goal. We need to help each other along the way.

So let's put on our walking shoes and take that first step. Let's get going.

God Bless You!
Mrs. Betty Tracy