Friday, February 28, 2020

Freedom in Food

Do you know what the second most traded black market item is?


Raw milk to be specific.

It is illegal in many- most- states.

What you buy in the store has been cooked (pasteurized) and homogenized, had chemicals added to control the smell (to make you think it is still good for a longer period of time) and had stuff added to alter its vitamin content.

Raw milk is much more aligned with how our bodies function, is much better for us. Many who can't drink regular milk CAN drink raw.

Did you know its even high in vitamin C when the cow eats spring grass? That C is destroyed when its pasteurized. As are all the digestive enzymes.

And today's commercially sold raw milk is produced in very clean facilities, so it is safe to drink (unlike store milk where they depend on cooking the milk instead of sanitation to protect the consumer).

And this is just milk. Our government interferes in our food in many different ways, most for the purpose of protecting big business (Monsanto) than actually for our protection.

Here is a letter to President Trump calling for food freedom in America.

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